Read what our clients have to say about how our firm handled their case.

We are proud and honored by the trust placed in us by our clients over the past 40 years. We are proud of our accomplishments for our clients and the compliments we have received from our clients during and at the conclusion of their cases.  A few of them are included below.  These client reviews do not constitute a guarantee, warranty or prediction regarding the outcome of your specific legal matter.  Please contact us with any questions.

“Kenneth Gilman of the Gilman Law firm represented myself and others in a major national consumer antitrust case.  Mr. Gilman and his firm were appointed as Lead Counsel by the United States District Court, Eastern District of Pennsylvania.  We were not only impressed by how he and other members of his firm worked tirelessly and recovered a multimillion dollar settlement, but they always kept us fully informed and devoted personal attention to our needs. I highly recommend their services.”

D.R., Swampscott, Mass.

“I retained Mr. Gilman and his firm to represent us in a major commercial antitrust case.  He pursued the case for several years leading right up to trial.  I was constantly amazed by the tremendous effort and skill he exhibited on our behalf.  I was not surprised when at the final hearing before the Court, the trial judge praised Mr. Gilman and Mr. Brooks and stated their written and oral advocacy was superior in all respects and that it took a heavy weight firm, such as Gilman Law, to obtain such an extraordinary result.”

W.T., Boston, Mass.

“I have been a corporate business and real estate transactional lawyer for over 40 years in one of the oldest and most prestigious law firms in Boston, Massachusetts.  I have been involved in some of the largest and most complex transactions over the years.  When it comes to litigation matters, trial work and aggressive representation of my clients, I often refer cases to Mr. Gilman as litigation and trial counsel.  The devotion he demonstrates to my clients’ problems and the outcomes he has achieved have been extraordinary.”

M.P. Esq., Boston, Mass.

“When I lost my vision due to a defective drug, I searched for a firm qualified to handle such a difficult claim.  My professional and personal life were nearly destroyed.  While other attorneys claimed there was no way to win such a case, I was thrilled when Mr. Gilman took on my case, relentlessly pursued the case and ultimately achieved a successful outcome.  I can not express my appreciation enough to Mr. Gilman and his firm.”

R. R., Montana

“When the Commonwealth of Massachusetts took my business by eminent domain, I searched for the most qualified trial attorney I could find.  While I had been represented by some of the largest law firms in Boston on business matters, I chose Mr. Gilman to handle the entire case, which he skillfully tried before a jury to an extremely successful verdict, allowing myself and our business to recover our full damages.  I strongly recommend his firm.”

S. J., Danvers, Mass.

“When the Commonwealth of Massachusetts and surrounding cities took our business, hotel and home by eminent domain, purportedly for public purposes, we lost our home and major business which we had owned for over 50 years.  Mr. Gilman pursued every aspect of our case on all fronts in a thorough and professional manner and secured an extraordinary recovery for us.  The personal attention shown to us by Mr. Gilman with respect to every detail was incredible.  We could never thank him enough.”

C.D., Salem, Mass.

“When our family had no place to turn due to the existence of defective Chinese drywall and being ousted from our home and unable to pay our mortgage, we were trying to survive day to day.  The Naples, Florida office of Gilman Law and Mr. Gilman agreed to take our case pro bono at no cost.  Through his creative and tireless efforts, we were able to avoid any liability on our mortgage and put our lives back together.  I will never be able to thank Mr. Gilman enough.”

K.P., Cape Coral, Fla.

“The Naples, Florida and Boston offices of Gilman Law handled our complex claim relating to our minor son’s horrific and permanent injuries, which resulted from the ingestion of a defective drug and resulted in toxic epidermal necrolysis.  I am a physician myself, and I searched throughout the country to find the most qualified person that could handle my son’s case.  Mr. Gilman and his team relentlessly pursued the drug manufacturer from all aspects and ultimately recovered a substantial settlement for our son.  It took a powerful heavyweight firm to reach this result.  On behalf of my family, I can not thank Mr. Gilman enough.”

A.N., Indianapolis, Ind.

“The Naples, Florida Securities Office of Gilman Law represented me in a securities fraud action.  I was impressed by the high level of professionalism and how they handled our case, explored every detail, and secured an excellent result.  Notwithstanding the extremely difficult securities issues, they litigated against major law firms in Washington D.C. and accomplished a tremendous result for us.  I strongly recommend their services in securities matters.”

R.H., Naples, Fla.

“Mr. Gilman represented myself and thousands of investors in the Enstar/Kindercare/American Savings litigation.  Even after the companies’ bankruptcies, Mr. Gilman, as lead attorney, pursued all other responsible parties including the attorneys, accountants, and officers and directors for over 5 years.  He relentlessly pursued my claim and that of the other investors and recovered over $25 million dollars for us. ”

P.H., Tampa, Fla.