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How To Get Compensation for DuPont Imprelis Damage: Dead Trees, Dying Trees, Unintended Side Effects

DuPont Imprelis Damage and Herbicide Side Effects: Norway Spruce, Eastern White Pine Tree, Conifers, Willows, Poplars and Deodora Cedars Deaths and Damage Across U.S.A., Lethal Damage to Mature Trees, Browning Of Leaf Tips, Evergreen Trees Threatened, Tree Farm Destruction, Christmas Tree Farm Damage

Picture of Imprelis Damage: Dead Tree

Picture of Imprelis Damage: Dead Tree

Businesses, golf courses and their management, home owners, and other individuals who noticed possible Imprelis damage after having their property treated with this herbicide may be able to file a claim or join in a class action lawsuit seeking financial compensation for the herbicide damage. Allegedly, the herbicide, which was advertised as being environmentally friendly, has been traced to the cause of death for thousands of eastern white pines, Norway spruces and other trees on golf courses and lawns across the country. Because the DuPont, manufacturer of the herbicide, may have been negligent in testing the product or reckless in releasing it into the marketplace, property owners who allege that they noticed Imprelis damage after using the potentially defective herbicide may have legal recourse.

If you have noticed Imprelis damage or other herbicide problems after treating your property with Imprelis, you may participate in a DuPont Imprelis lawsuit to seek compensation for property damage.

Signs of Imprelis Damage

Imprelis was used to kill broadleaf weeds on lawns, golf courses, parks and others properties, but has now been linked to tree damage and death caused by the herbicide. However, the herbicide has been linked to the following property damages:

  • Tree damage
  • Tree death
  • Tree removal costs
  • Additional landscaping costs
  • Loss of privacy
  • Decrease in property value

How To Get Compensation For Imprelis Damage

IMPORTANT: DO NOT meet with DuPont or sign any paperwork until you have spoken with an attorney first. You may be forfeiting your rights to seek representation against DuPont. If you have already signed paperwork or met with DuPont, please contact us and let us discuss your legal options to ensure you are compensated fairly.

In cases involving herbicide damage, it is very important that you document any and all evidence with photographs, or other documentation. Initial steps can include the following:

  1. Take digital photos, preferably with the date and time corresponding to each photo. Photos of the overall condition of the tree, as well as pictures of specific areas of the tree that have been damaged will be most useful.
  2. Soil, foliage, and tree core samples should be taken, if possible, to help provide a greater understanding of the extent of damage.
  3. Contact the toxic substance and environmental damage lawyers of Gilman Law LLP at (888) 252-0048 to ensure other steps are not required and you are able to document your claim. Our experienced staff of toxic substance and environmental damage attorneys will be able to provide you with more documentation tips.

As always, you may call our toxic substance and environmental damage attorneys toll free for a Free Consultation at (888) 252-0048.