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How To File a Claim for Damage from Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby Damage Claims

Once Tropical Storm Debby finally roars out of Florida, residents and businesses throughout the state will begin the slow and tedious work of recovery. Many will have to file claims with their insurance companies for their wind damage and other personal and business losses. Unfortunately, experience has shown that insurance companies don’t always deal fairly with Florida hurricane and tropical storm victims.

Debbie cut a wide swath of destruction throughout the state, especially in the following counties:

  • Bay County,
  • Calhoun County,
  • Charlotte County,
  • Citrus County,
  • Dixie County,
  • Franklin County,
  • Gulf County,
  • Hernando County,
  • Highland County,
  • Hillsborough County,
  • Jefferson County,
  • Liberty County,
  • Levy County,
  • Manatee County,
  • Okaloosa County,
  • Pasco County,
  • Pinellas County,
  • Sarasota County,
  • Suwannee County,
  • Taylor County,
  • Wakulla County, and
  • Walton County.

The term “tropical storm” hardly does justice to the damage Tropical Storm Debby left in its wake. Massive flooding from upwards of two feet of rain caused the evacuation of tens of thousands of people living in low-lying areas and near rivers, creeks and streams. Tornadoes and wind damaged and destroyed homes, and in one case, took the life of one young mother. Power outages from the storm could take weeks to resolve, and business losses could be staggering.

Flood Damage in Suwannee County, Florida

Thousands of Florida residents and businesses will soon be filing all manner of claims with their insurance companies, and in some cases, multiple claims. Generally speaking, claims following a hurricane or tropical storm are related to:

  • Storm surge
  • Wind damage
  • Water penetration
  • Roof damage
  • Business interruption

The extent of the damage caused by the flooding and sinkholes from Tropical Storm Debby is still unfolding. In many cases, buildings will have to be knocked down and rebuilt. Not only can this be costly, the business interruption can be devastating for small business owners. View more pictures of damage from Tropical Storm Debby.

Insurance Coverage for Tropical Storm Damage

Most homeowners and businesses in Florida purchase insurance policies that cover hurricane and storm damage, and they expect their insurer will take care of them when they are in need. But insurers may deny your claim by stating that the damage was pre-existing, caused by flood not covered under the policy, the result of neglect of the property or a failure to mitigate, or that the damage was not reported immediately. When your claim is adjusted, you may find that your insurer has failed to accurately assess the severity of the actual damage and its associated costs for repair and restoration, providing you with only a portion of the coverage you need.

If your residence or business has suffered damage from Tropical Storm Debbie, it is best to have an attorney representing your interest. An experienced law firm will work with adjusters, roofers, contractors, structural engineers, and accountants to properly document and expedite your Tropical Storm Debbie claim. Your attorney can also ensure that you are treated fairly and promptly by your insurance carrier.

Contact our Attorneys for Help with Property Damage from Tropical Storm Debby

Legal Help for Property Damage from Tropical Storm Debby

Gilman Law LLP is a Florida law firm with more than 40 years of experience protecting the rights of consumers and businesses against insurance companies and other large corporations. Because our attorneys have lived and worked in Florida for decades, they understand what it takes to recover from a tropical storm like Debby. Our firm is ready right now to assist any individual or business seeking help with an insurance claim from Tropical Storm Debby.

Flooding & Sinkholes from Tropical Storm Debby

Tropical Storm Debby Insurance Claim Lawyers

Gilman Law LLP, a leading Florida law firm with more than 40 years of experience protecting the rights of consumers, is ready to assist individuals and businesses throughout Florida who suffered losses from Tropical Storm Debby. Gilman Law LLP is offering its assistance to all Florida residents and businesses impacted by Debby, including those in the hardest hit counties of Okaloosa, Calhoun, Bay, Franklin, Gulf, Liberty, Levy, Citrus, Hernando, Pasco, Pinellas, Highland, Hillsborough, Manatee, Sarasota, Charlotte, Walton, Wakulla, Jefferson, Dixie, Suwannee and Taylor. If you suffered a loss during Tropical Storm Debby, and need legal assistance with your insurance claim, please contact Gilman Law LLP today to discuss your legal rights.

Damage from Tropical Storm Debby

Flooding in Downtown Live Oak, Florida

Tropical Storm Debby deluged parts of northern Florida with as much as 25 inches of rain. The storm, which made landfall near Steinhatchee on Tuesday, June 26, was said to be weakening, but not before it spawned floods and tornadoes across the Panhandle and northern Florida. Tropical-storm warnings were in effect for 450 miles of coastline, from Mexico Beach in the Panhandle, to Englewood, south of Sarasota.

Parts of Interstate 10 in north Florida were closed due to flooding on a 50-mile stretch between Jacksonville and Tallahassee, and motorists were warned to use caution while traveling elsewhere on the interstate. A mandatory evacuation in Pasco County near Tampa Bay was ordered between the Anclote and Pithlachascotee rivers, where boats had to be used to help stranded residents, and 106 homes had been damaged. People in Wakulla County were being advised to stay in their homes, after Debby dumped more than 26 inches of rain. St. Marks, Florida saw 21 inches in just a two-day period, while major flooding was also reported in Stark and Pinellas counties.

In Suwannee County, which saw 16 inches of rain in a single 24 hour period, emergency management officials declared a voluntary evacuation of low-lying areas and locations near rivers, streams and creeks. Debby also left tens of thousands of people without power and forced the closure of key highways and bridges in the Tampa Bay area.

Sinkhole in Live Oak, Florida

By Tuesday, Tropical Storm Debby has spawned more than 20 tornadoes in Florida. In rural Highlands County, a young mother died when an apparent twister lifted her home off the ground, and tossed her and her son into the woods.

By Tuesday afternoon, Florida Governor Rick Scott had declared a state of emergency for the entire state. Meanwhile, forecasters were warning that Debby, though downgraded to a tropical depression, wasn’t finished wreaking havoc on Florida. Flash flood warnings were issued for parts of northern Florida and southern Georgia as Debby moved eastward. Debby was still dumping rain and could return to tropical storm strength when it finally exits Florida on the Atlantic coast. It was expected that some areas of northern Florida and southeast Georgia would see up to 15 inches of rain by Thursday. The system was also expected to produce more tornadoes before it finally left Florida.

Legal Help with Tropical Storm Debby Damage Claims

Long after Debby leaves Florida, residents and businesses will have to cope with the property damage, businesses losses and other consequences left behind in the storm’s wake. If you are unsure about your insurance policy, or you believe your insurance company may have mishandled or wrongly denied your Tropical Storm Debby damage claim, it is vital to get help from a Florida law firm experienced in dealing with tropical storms and hurricanes. Gilman Law LLP is ready now to provide legal assistance to anyone in Florida damaged by Tropical Storm Debby. To ensure you are protected, please complete our Free Consultation Form Online to speak with a property damage attorney today, or CALL TOLL FREE (888) 252-0048.